Intended size of slots in IE Nut Trap

For the IE Nut Trap for the tool holder. What size was it designed to take?
I have M4 nuts (take a 7mm spanner) and it they’re too small. I tried opening the STL in fusion 360 to take a measurement. The model didn’t exactly open great in fusion so the measurements might be off. It seems to be made for nuts that take an 8mm spanner? i.e. 8mm between the flat surfaces.
Is that the case or are my measurements wrong?

Try this one…

[edit]: ok, I can’t attach it…wait a little…


Yes they seem too big. I already mentioned this once before in a special topic I made for this.(Got no reply) I even made special holder for 7mm nuts so I didn’t have to reprint nearly every part. :stuck_out_tongue: I really don’t understand more people have this problem, but it’s easy to fix with the parametric version in your case.

If i open the parts in Netfabb the slot are 8mm. (Which should be 7mm) So yeah as I said, a bit annoying, but not a real problem for an otherwise great design.

Thanks for the replies. Wasn’t sure if it was made that way or if the part printed wrong.
I noticed a similar loose fit with m4 nuts in other parts but those weren’t an issue because I could wedge the nut while tightening. On the nut trap, you can’t get at the nuts after assembly.

I’ll try the parametric version, thanks.
Aze Aze, your thingiverse link isn’t working for me. It brings me to a 404.

Sorry, I forgot to click on ‘publish it’

I’m pretty sure all the hardware is made for 3.5mm.

You are totally right…Why didn’t think of that before. I got my info from a parts list someone posted, but that is apparently wrong.

Didn’t realise that. Just measured the hole sizes in Nettfab. So the hole diameter is 3.6mm and the slot for the nut is around 8mm wide.
That doesn’t match up with anything that I have here anyway. My M4 nuts take are 7mm between flats. M3.5 are 6mm between flats.

edit: Just measured the imperial MPCNC nut trap in Nettfab. The hole and nut sizes are exactly the same as the IE version. Maybe the wrong file is uploaded to thingiverse?

Never mind my previous message. You are right. It doesn’t make sense. The slots are 8mm in netfab. (This would be an m5 nut…) So they are too big, since the holes for the bolts are only 3.6mm.

So i think something is wrong yeah.

Pretty sure geodave put up a fully parametric nut trap on thingiverse.

Was just trying that now. Looks like it will do the job perfectly. I’ll print one tomorrow.