Internet stops working when CNC runs...

I know this is a weird problem, but maybe someone else has had similar issues before.

For the last 2 days I have noticed that whenever I’m using my MPCNC the internet stops working. Usually I’m watching something on youtube while I’m cutting something and as soon as I start the MPCNC the videos will stop loading. About 5 to 10 minutes after it’s finished the internet returns.

The PC I’m watching a video on is connected to the router via Ethernet. The laptop I use to control the CNC is connected to the router via WiFi. The router is 2 rooms away.

So I think that this is either an EMI issue caused by the spindle or stepper motors, or the power supply messing with the router if they are connected to the same phase.

Anyone have any other ideas or knows how to fix this?

I assume the PC and laptop are close to each other? Fire up a command prompt and as soon as the problem starts do an “ipconfig /all” on the PC and let’s look to see if anything changes. It’s possible the Ethernet cable is picking something up in the way of EMI, and that likely would show as a disconnect.

It’s a safety feature :smiley:

I really have no idea except emi. A shielded ethernet should totally solve it though.

Ok, I think I figuered it out!

The problem started happening when I got the vacuum, and gues what, that thing generates a ton of static electricity!

Also, on jobs longer than 10 minutes the connection between my laptop and the ramps board would suddenly stop working, and my best guess is that the static electricity build up from the vacuum hose is what caused all of this.

So, how can I solve this? Would a wire on the inside of the hose from the spindle to the vacuum connected to ground do the trick?

I would think so, bare wire. Pretty interesting to me, please let us know if that works.

Bonus points if you can convince someone to hold on to the vacuum hose and a plumbing fixture for the duration of the job, or rig up a functional Jacob’s Ladder… :wink:

K, a tesla coil would really help with the mad scientist vibe ;D