Introduction thread

Hi there everyone! Linda here from US. Been reading this community for a while & finally decided to be a part of it! Most of the previous forums I’ve been a part of have an introduction thread but I couldn’t find one here. It’s always good to know people & connect!


Welcome Linda! Glad you decided to join in. Do you have any build plans or projects you’re excited about?

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Welcome Linda! I like your idea, the community here is really friendly, and getting to know each other is a nice way of being welcoming. There’s a few threads where people tell where they’re from, what they like to barbecue, and quite a few build-threads (including my own) that sometimes become quite biographical. The thing with sticky threads is that we’re not always well behaving in terms of sticking to the topic… the amount of anecdotes and gibberish is sometimes overwhelming and in risk of jeopardizing the threads original intent. (Especially when @kvcummins starts to sacrifice goats…)

What do you think, @vicious1 , is this something to consider?


Hello Matt! TBH I am a bit new to all this. Someone close just gifted me a laser engraver & I’ve been experimenting with it since the last two months. Just beginning to get ahold of it now. I’ve been engraving on stuff as practice & will share something I am working on soon! Thank you so much!

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Thank you so much for the warm welcome mate! I agree everyone seems really welcoming. Thanks for mentioning these threads I’ll check these out too. Hope to have a great interaction with all of you!


Well, you jumped right in to a wonderful start. An introduction and a completed project, You will fit in just fine!

Glad to have you as part of the Crew!


Thanks, Ryan I am flattered! I feel there’s so much to be learned from all of you. I was looking for a supportive community for quite a while but couldn’t find one that really matched my vibe. Hours of googling brought me here & I am truly glad!


I’m glad that you feel welcomed! I just have to warn you though, this community will show you quite many rabbit holes that can be quite time consuming :smiley: at one point I’ve been discussing how to build a water powered generator in my back yard, and lo and behold - people actually have knowledge and skills to give me insightful guidance on the subject! (it remains to be seen whether I ever complete that particular project…)


Aw, man… Do you know how much of a pain it is to deal with goats in the snow? (Well, I know @turbinbjorn does, he has to deal with everything in the snow, probably easier to ask him what he has to deal with without snow.)


:candle: :candle: :goat: :candle: :snowman:

Dang it! I give up! Source your own cabrito! :ragequit:

:clown_face: Welcome to the madhouse, Linda!

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Welcome to the club, Linda! There are a lot of characters here with a lot of knowledge so someone will surely be able to help out when you run into a problem. But here’s one thing to always keep in mind… grub screws! :grin: Good luck in your journey.

Welcome, Linda! Great Idea. I say repost this without the question mark!

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Welcome! This forum is chock full of useful information… Like which soda works best for putting out fires in the shop.

I think most people use their build thread as a pseudo introduction. I know I did.

Thanks Gato!

Great idea Steve!

Congratulations, Linda, you will go down in history as the one who truly started the Introductions thread!

Who is this Steve M. Potter guy? I have a brief bio on my maker website, and if you are more curious about my career building brains in petri dishes and giving them robot bodies, see my research website.


May I recommend some good laser software I use. Lightburn. You pay for time period (not sure how long exactly) of software upgrades.

Once your time period is over, you can use the software at full potential you just can’t get the upgrades when they release it.

I use it for all my laser needs.

Hey may as well introduce myself on this official intro thread. Michigan, army vet (mechanic), now network admin. Just built a mpcnc but it is out in my very cold garage. So I have been researching alot! I work at a shop where we sell cutting tools so it is fun now having a cnc and now learning what our customers do! Hopefully the weather will break so I can go out and finish/use it.


My name is Olivier, i’m 43 and i come from France in Paris neighborhood.
Father of a 2 years old daughter, and a second one in few days, i don’t have much time now for hobbies or i have to go to bed late :wink:

I’m working in IT as developper, i also have my own 32 square meter wood workshop in front of my house, quite well equiped for a hobbyst but unheated and it is damned cold at winter time. So much my Primo controller refused to turm on few times :frowning:

“Maker” since years, i’ve already done 3 acarde baretop, 2 with only power tools and one i designed in Fusion then cutted with a fullsheet CNC in a fablab
I’ve also made some furnitures for my house.

I’ve recently finished my build of a Primo (51cm x 51cm x9cm pen working area ) and i’ve attached a Neje A60640 laser with air assist powered by a DongYang DY80 pump.
I’m on a Mac and i’m using LightBurn.

From now i mainly did Halloween and christmas ormaments with my laser, i wasn’t able to get acceptable results with engraving but i haven’t really spent time on it.

Controller board is SKR PRO 1.2 on Marlin 2 but i’ld like to find time to migrate to grblHAL, for laser/spindle ease of switch, usb connection issue, and i hope so better engraving results.

Recently recieved a AMB FME 800 spindle i just mount on my primo but didn’t try it yet.
I prefer to finish my dustshoes first and i am waiting for warmer days… but still don’t know how much spare time i would have with 2 young doughters and wife.
Laser runs silently and it will be simpler for me to run at night time than a spindle.