Introduction to Fusion 360 on HumbleBundle

Hey there, yet again in another category today. :stuck_out_tongue: I saw that HumbleBundle offers a great deal on a lot of maker magazines and books (Humble Book Bundle: Back to School by Make: (pay what you want and help charity)) for around 15€, among them an Introduction to Fusion 360 (330 pages, really informative). I always just fumbled around with Fusion, this gave me a lot of new ideas and tips.

I flipped through a few of the other magazines and they seem to be really great for kids (which was the reason I bought them in the first place), going to do some maker stuff with the kids after getting my new workshop. :slight_smile:

I do not count this as a commercial, because you could potentially give all the money you spend to charity. I suggest supporting the publisher and HumbleBundle as well though.

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