Inventables Quiet Cut Spindle?

has anyone tried using the inventables Quiet Cut Spindle?

Quiet Cut Spindle

I know the dewalt dw660 is highly suggested on here… but looking for a good spindle that isn’t as noisy


I’m looking very hard at that as well. I have the dewalt already (actually used it as intended lol). But it is very loud. This should be a good compromise between noise and function for me.

I should be getting one next month.

Hi guys,

I’m in the same spot that you guys were 2 months ago. Living in a flat so thinking the quiet cut spindle could be a good compromise between noise and functionality. Did any of you go ahead with the quiet cut spindle and have a success story to report?


I’m also very interested in a quieter spindle. It would be great if you could turn it on and off with the RAMPS setup. Or would you have to go to another controller setup?
How would you wire a 48V spindle like this one?
Could you combine it with something like the super-PID for the ultimate setup?
Or better yet, have the spindle set itself to the rpms your set up in your gcode (tool selection is ESTLCAM or Fusion 360?