Is anyone out there cutting Brass with an MPCNC

I’m thinking of using my new MPCNC to cut brass plate (free machining C36000)

Is anyone out there cutting brass? any advice for me?

Currently planning to follow all the aluminium cutting advice and go a bit slower, but that’s just guesswork in truth, looking for somebody with experience to share…

I’m on the verge of machining aluminum for the first time so can’t related based on experience but I believe brass is actually softer than aluminum, isn’t it? Excited to see how you make out…I’ve got some projects that could use a little brass!

Deducting from my first experience with aluminium on an MPCNC, I can just advise you to take your time. Go slowly, in small increments, make tests on small samples. Remember that brass (like aluminium) is best cooled / lubed with ethanol. Make sure your tool is suited for brass. Brass is more a collective description. Is it hardened? Cutting it can harden the surface locally, so be prepared to collect some experience…

And remember: trochoidal milling is the wonder-weapon on the MPCNC.