Is it possible to have a 6" Z axis?

Can the Lowrider be made into a 2’ x 7’ machine and allow for a taller Z height?

I want to build a Victorian canopy bed. The posts are about six to seven feet long and made from 4"x 4" or 6"x 6" material. I’d like to carve the faces of the posts with Ivy vines but the posts are 4" or 6" in height when lying flat.

From what I’m reading, 2" inches for the Z is the max height. 4" or 6" is a lot for the Z cut. Will making the Lowrider more narrow allow me to have the taller height adjustment? Will the Lowrider be more rigid being narrower? Can I use 3/4" EMT instead of Stainless Steel? Will the EMT pipe fit into the printed parts without a modification? Thanks



No you can go higher. But if you know what you will be using it for, your machine only needs to be twice as tall as you carvings are deep. You can mount your material below the surface. Imagine carving the top of a tree stump, if you had a hole in the table it would be no problem. Most bits are 3/4" long, you really only need 1/5" Z but typical material is only a few inches so you can go bigger. If you plan on carving 6x6 make a spot in your table that is lower. Some Old Guy Coding made his table that way I believe.

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Is there any kind of pipe that can be used that isn’t stainless steel? If so what is it and what size? Thanks to the trade war we are in, stainless is really expensive.

That’s great about a lowered hole in the table. I just have to make a solid shelf to accommodate the lumber size and that’s it? Too easy. Thank you so, so much!

I can get 1" stainless locally for about $107 for all the parts. Shipping would add another $22. Check I’m lucky enough to have one about an hour from my house and drive close to it for work a few times a week.

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Cool. That works for me. I’ll check them out. Thank you Barry. You rock.