Is it possible to use a Creality3D board to run the mpcnc?

Short story, I am replacing the main board on my Ender with an MSK Gen L card, and I have long wanted an mpcnc.

Ideally I could just use the old board to run the mpcnc, or will it be to weak in any way? There isnt a lot of memory on it, but it’s been enough for the Ender until now.

Thanks in advance.

It’s fine, same drivers as the Rambo, and more memory than an arduino uno, so yes, you can use it.

Yes, I think so too. Should do the work. (But beware the missing bootloader and different UC on the Creality/melzi board)


I added a bootloader a while back so I should be good there thanks.

Yeah, was looking for CPU … :frowning:

Here’s a possible fly in your ointment: how many motors does the Ender have? I have an Ender 3 and my board has room for 4 motors - X,Y,Z and E.

MPCNC has 2X, 2Y, and Z. That’s 5, right?

Only if you’re doing dual end stop. Otherwise X and Y are wired in series, and Z is all by itself(and lonely…).

MKS Gen L boards offer improvements over Creality’s Meizu board and is reasonably priced ($20 USD). A popular mod is to replace the stepper driver board with TMC2208 trinamic drivers (to make printer more silent and perhaps improve the print quality).