Is it worth a dedicated CNC motor instead of the Makita or DeWalt?

Ok, I was wondering if a dedicated spindle would be less noisy and more effective than the DeWalt or the Makita option, and if it would make any significant difference in feed speed and DOC terms.

Please share your thoughts and links to possible updated dedicated spindles motors.



From what I have read here, a spindle will be quieter. But it does not seem to make a huge difference in feed rates and doc. My understanding is thats because those are limited more by the rigidity of the MPCNC rather than the motors power (for the standard build at least)

In my mind the biggest advantage to a spindle is speed control. But that can be added to the dw660 with a kit from Ryan for about $40


The dw611 is very strong. So is the dw660. The sound will be quieter, but it doesn’t change the sounds from a vac or the bit in the wood. Investing in some bluetooth hearing protection would be a better investment IMHO.


@Atom @jeffeb3 Was just wondering if it would make any change at all…seeing your replies I take it as a big NO… :joy: :crazy_face:

Then the only alternative left for me is to build an enclosure to make it quiet for my neighbours and family…I’m working in the Terrace and is very loud indeed !!! I might rebuild my table on a new and better design…meanwhile I’ll keep designing things I want to build.

Cheers and thanks for the input.


@AlexBondCat I would be interested in seeing this new table designe… I’m still trying to figure out my new table desing.

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I’ve got mine in an enclosure and if I’ve got my spindle speed at about 50% I can run it at night without bothering the neighbors. Even at full speed I can still stand next to it and have a conversation with someone. It’s not perfect but it works. You need thick walls - more mass absorbs more sound.

I hear quark board works really well for absorbing sound. Even in thin sheets.

That’s either a very clever pun (Mr. Atom), a typo (cork board?), or something I’ve never heard of…

Typo :frowning: but I love the pun!! You are right I meant to type cork.

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Any recommendations for ear protection with speakers and bluetooth? I need to cut nine, 8x4 panels in latest 2 weeks :slight_smile:

It has been a while since I bought mine. But I have these. I like the inside ear ones (you may not). I also like the fact they have a mic so I can still hear people talking. I remember them being cheaper, but that may be my selective memory.

Regarding sound proofing… The trick is to add layers and a slight gap between each layer… Add several different layers. I feel good ole carpet does the trick & then foam & on the outside chip or ply wood.

I’m tempted to drop my screaming 2 year old in there for a few minutes…just so Dad can enjoy his coffee in peace :wink:

Regarding Spindle vs router… I’ll stick to my Makita.

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have you tried cork? i hear it works better then anything.

Sorry? what kit?

This kit:

I dig it! Thanks. I’ll wait for the pcb to come back in stock.

Not sure when that will be. But I think a board like This will work just as well. @vicious1 @jeffeb3 can you confirm that a simple breakout board can replace the pcb?

The circuit is not too difficult to put together point-to-point on a piece of perf board. I don’t know that @vicious1 will ever have the circuit boards back in stock. Last I recall (which was quite some time ago) there were comments about how close to a turn-key mains voltage kit his insurance company was comfortable with him selling.

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Agreed. I use a Dewalt 611 and the router noise is far quieter that the vacuum.

I don’t think it’s about the motor noise but more about what and how fast you’re cutting as once you eat into the material things get mighty loud… ear piecing loud.
I’d suggest investing in a decent sound proof booth.

If CNC is all new to you I’d suggest running with a stadard Makita or Dewalt and upgrade to a dedicated spindle later once you know you’re commited and have a vested interested in all things CNC. This way you can use the router on other projects of interest.
At this time I’m still wrestling with the basics & running a Makita router.