Is MetalsDepot any good?

Doing some price comparison for cut-to-length SS tubing, MetalsDepot has the best price and it wasn’t really close to the other commonly suggested places. Shipping was only $16 so all around looks good on paper. From the forums, I see some of you have ordered from MetalsDepot, were there any problems?

By the way, this is item I’m looking at, please yell if this isn’t the preferred option:
1" OD X .065" wall X .870" ID 304 Stainless Round Tube

I got 1" tubing from Summit Racing. For my 36" × 24" x 8" build it cost about $60 including shipping.

Did they do all your cuts or did you have to do it?

I did them myself with an angle grinder. The legs were a bit of a pain to get even so I ended up printing some 1mm washers to get everything level when I assembled the frame. That was easier than getting the legs perfect. The other cuts don’t need to be that precise except the z axis pieces. The Z axis was easier because I only needed 2 pieces even so some grinding on the longer one made it pretty easy.

Did you have a print catalog? Because when I try to search 1" OD tube, both SS or DOM, it seems I’d have to look thru multiple pages of various sizes to find what I want.

Here are the item numbers you can put in the search field on the MetalsDepot site for the tubing I see most used on the forum.

Stainless Steel 1" OD 0.065 wall

DOM 1" 0D 0.065 wall:

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Thanks! Their search function isn’t too bad but type in 1" OD steel tube in Summit’s and it’s all over creation in what seems like no particular order.

Been thinking of increasing the size of my burly and figure I may as well look into going Primo at the same time.