Is my new Rambo 1.4 board dead?

Hi everyone. I bought the kit from Ryan last month and everything had been working great for the last 3 weeks. I had just finished up a cut and was getting the machine ready for the next job. I used the LCD controller to home X & Y and the instant I clicked it to start homing, the screen went off. After that there are no signs of life. No LED’s. The computer doesn’t recognize that it’s plugged in via USB.

I’m getting good 12v power to the terminal block and tried another power adapter to be sure. Another thing I noticed is that the stepper motors no longer make the LCD display light up when moving the gantry. Currently, I’ve disconnected everything from the board except power. All of the fuses have continuity and just for fun, I swapped the two small fuses. I also replaced the large fuse with a new spare I had.

I’ve had the board mounted in a 3D printed box. Any ideas? Thanks!

Sounds like you might have a short on an endstop wire? Not sure. I looked over the pictures and don’t see anything obvious.

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I’ll probably get in touch with UltiMachine and see if they can help. Hopefully it has some kind of warranty.

I have never actually had to ask. I guess I can reach out Monday.

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That would be amazing. I wasn’t sure how that would work since I didn’t purchase the board directly from them.

Hey Ryan, I went ahead and emailed UltiMachine today to see if they have any advice. I also ordered some spare nano fuses just to be sure that’s not the issue and they’ll be here tomorrow.

If UltiMachine can’t help for some reason, I might be in touch to see if you can pull any strings. Thanks for your assistance.

I wanted to update my post in case anyone has the same problem in the future. I contacted UltiMachine and they had me ship the board in to have it repaired. The whole process from the time they received the board to when I got it back was about a week and the only money I had out of pocket was the shipping to send it in.

I’ve used the board a handful of times since then and it seems to be working great. I know the Rambo boards are more expensive, but it’s nice to have good support when you need it. Kudos to UltiMachine.

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Awesome so glad to hear it!