Is there a decent pen/drag knife mount for the LR3 out there yet?

Realizing all over again that my pen and drag knife mounts leave a lot to be desired, and it would be great if there’s a print-and-go solution out there

Edit: I’m pretty bad with my phone keyboard…

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I just zip tied it into the dust collection port. Probably not ideal.

I do remember someone making a more springy version… I don’t know where though. Hopefully not in the 1k post release thread…

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@DougJoseph made lowrider-3-cnc-add-on-pen-holder-drag-knife-holder

Guessing you’ve seen basic-lr3-pen-mount already.

I haven’t tried either yet. During Crown test, I also zip tied sharpie pen to vac hose port/mount. Wasn’t very stable, so I drilled couple of holes in dust collection lower arm to add a 3rd zip tie. Pen was bit more accurate, but still not great. So, curious what decent pen/knife holder you end up using.


Those are close, but don’t address the lip on the drag knife, so it doesn’t sit plumb. For an occasional pen mount, Im not too eorried, but for the drag knife, I’d like something a bit more stable

Hi, i am absolute Newbie, but are you looking für something similar to

“Mostly Printed CNC Roland Drag Knife Holder”
on thingiverse? I am not allowed to post a link, or am too stupid to do it properly, sorry.
It was made for the MPCnc, so adaption should be fairly easy.


Yeah, it’s sort of like that… but I wanted one that mounts to the LR3, and the adaptation has about a million ways to do it, several of which I’ve tried, and I don’t like them.

At this point it looks like it might be easiest to take the basic LR3 pen mount and just adapt the diameter to the drag knife, and add the ridge. I dislike that I’d be cutting zip ties all the time to add/remove it, but I probably will not be using it that often.

It’s either that or else I’ll just use the Primo for the drag knife and not the LR3.

Agree. Smallest releasable zipties I could find are 0.2" wide (amzn) ideally someone knows of narrower releasable zipties? Or models with zip tie channels could be modified, or designed in the future, to be wide enough for easy to source small releasable zipties. Until then, for zipties likely to be frequently removed, I’ve been trimming width of the releasable zipties to fit model’s existing channels.

I use an xacto knife to lift that little tab, and I can reuse any zip tie a couple of times, at least.

Or you can use a twist tie.

But honestly, there is waste in any process and just printing another mount takes more plastic. Zip ties are cheap.