Is there a site like thingiverse, but for CNC projects?

I’ve been looking, but all I can find is either really small projects or pay sites. I was wondering if there is anything with some neat designs for free?

Thingiverse has a bunch and most laser stuff will work as well. CNC is pretty specific and it is harder to design “generic” things. Material thickness has to be accounted for in most projects so the are not easily shared. Stl files can be carved as well so those will work if you pay attention to undercuts.

Thanks. So is most of the intricate designs I see made by the same person who is doing the wood work? What should I search for on thingiverse. I’ve found some, but most are just the thin wood cut out of with a laser. I’ve been 3d printing quite a lot for over 3 years now and I’m also curious how much of a learning curve there is between 3d printing and CNCing.

That’s just it, The use cases are far more specific. Thingiverse would be the place to get a model of a sculpture slice down and to carve into a picture frame or a sign. Most CNC stuff is far more custom, like store signs, and more personalized things. CAD is in your near future.

Kinda why I made the gallery page. Look through it see what catches your eye. You can click the picture to follow the link and see how they did it, ask them for some tips, or ask if they would do anything differently.

Other than that you need to be specific in your searches “CNC birdhouse plans” “Flat pack *****”

If you are looking for a project, One I use every single day and clearly shows people what my machines do when they come over and ask “what does it do” is this one.

Other fun stuff here.


Thanks. Im going to download estlcam as soon as I get home and see how difficult it is. I’m really interested in doing this to make money. I just don’t want to spend all this money building one and not be able to make quality items.