Is there and Android app for sending gcode?

Just wondered if there is an app for sending gcode to the MPCNC.

Not that I’m aware of.


@blainesgarage thanks. Those appear to be for grbl I’m running marlin. I’m assuming they would not work?

Have you used these?
Are there any concerns I should watch for if I test something like this on an Android phone or tablet?

Another post mentioned this one. It looks like it will work with marlin.
It’s free with limitations. The pro version is around $4.

Sorry, i have no clue. I’ve never owned an Android device.

No worries.

I’m a little hesitant to test it out, being new to CNC.
If these were a bit more proven with the MPCNC I might give it a go.

Thanks everyone.

Looks like it should work. There shouldn’t be any way the usb can break anything.

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Hmmmm…maybe I will give it a test run in the next week or so.