Is this a deal or am I addicted?

I know I have a problem hoarding sheet goods, but HD has some “poplar plywood” 4’x4’x3/4" on clearance for $14 ea. They are normally $33.

I am looking for amyone that’s used this who can tell me if it’s any good. I’m also looking for enablers to encourage me to spend $150 or so on enough plywood for my next 10 projects. :slight_smile:

I just feel compulsive when I see wood on clearance. It makes no sense to me!

Also, I’ve also seen that the price drops fast, so in a week or two, it might be $7ea. Some of the stuff in the clearance endcaps ends up being free at the register.

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It’s poplar. I can’t be too bad.

Jeffe, I share your compulsion to hoard wood. Especially if it’s on sale. Buy a sheet or two and test it out, if you like it go back and get more.

Edward, that is wise. I already bought 8 of them though. Now I reapize the real cost is storing them… I have to think of something big to make :smiley:

Maybe this, without the storage?

When they put on a yellow tag I can’t help myself either. I bought a box of stick on tile just because it was like 80% off. I already used them. So I say good buy!