Is this backwards??

I’m really confused about this part. Is the long nut supposed to be lose? Both nutz flop around in the black circled part. I tightened up the screws. I just don’t get it.

Those are the old parts, more than 7 months old.

There are 2 nut locks, you might have the wrong one. 11mm and 13mm. pretty sure it is backwards as well.

Are those files still up for download somewhere, or did it just take a while to print them?

No, I got the project mostly finished then, well, life happened. :confused: But now things are a bit more stable and I wanted to finish the project and pick up where I left off. I printed the parts myself quite a while back and bought your hardware kit for the rest. The kit has the piece of allthread, a long nut and then a regular looking nut and there is a spring in between them. I’d like to make it correctly so if there are new pieces that I should be using, could you point me there?

We stopped using the small nut and spring, but the z nut lock should fit snug. Did you only print one of them? 2 sizes were available. If you don’t have it I should have the file.

You can use it as is no problem most people have not updated just for fun. The while system has been updated except for the feet. Since you have all the parts you might as well use what you have.

No, I just printed the one i’m using. It is very loose. The regular size nut seems to fit perfectly in the bottom.

And does the end with the smaller hole go on top or the bottom?

Flip it over and take off the regular nut and spring. The tight end should grip the coupling nut.

It was designed for the top, but turns out the bottom is better. To hold the spindle up.

Ok, I took it apart and ditched the small nut and spring. So here are a few pics.

In pic 1, you can see the end with the large hole. In it, you can see that that big nut is way to small to be held by the plastic piece even when I tightened the screw as much as I dare.

In pic 2, I flipped it to show the small end and it is too small for the nut to fit through. I tried to pry it open a bit but no dice.

Pic 3 is just from the large opening end looking down inside.

So if there were two different files/sizes? and I had the wrong one, do you still have those old files? Maybe I can try and reprint them to see if that helps? I looked on thingiverse and did not see it.

You push the coupling nut in from the large end all the way down. It is supposed to be a tight fit, it does get smaller inside. The small end is the stopper so you can’t push any further. There is a cutaway view on the site if you can’t figure it out.

Yeah, that’s what I did. It’s all the way down to the stop but sloppy as hell and tightening it all the way to the point of hearing it crack does not help. It just falls out. Maybe I have to wedge something in there with it.

That actually seem to have worked. I wrapped a little 220 grit sandpaper around the nyt and jammed it down in there and tightened it up and it is staying pretty good.