issue with center assembly motor mount

I’m not sure if the 3d part i received is incorrect or if im doing something wrong but it appears that these screws should go into the hole of the mount and screw in deeper within the mount? picture attached is the issue im having where the screw is stuck at the top. I had purchased the parts from the v1 shop

The screw head should sink into the printed part. You should use the 3mm short screw. Can you drill it up? By how much is it smaller than the screw head?

Is the hole clearly smaller on the other side?

yeah i am using the 3mm screws that were provided in the kit. I’m sure if i drill out the hole to make it bigger that should work.

I think the issue is called elephant foot. The first few layers were too squished and made the hole smaller right there. Just chamfer the holes a bit or scrape it out with a knife. The screws should fall in.

i will have to try that when i get home. Thanks!