Issue with Reptier Host

Hi all. I finally got my machine assembled and wired up.
I have been having an issue connecting it to my computer however. Whenever I connect the board to Repetier Host I get the error: No start signal detected - forcing start. This is not allowing my to operate it manually to test it out.

Thanks for any help.

Try installing arduino and its drivers and see if that changes anything. I haven’t heard of this error. You could also try pronterface.

I have it working with my laptop, must be something weird with my desktop as to why it isn’t working with it. Now I have a different problem. When ever I step the motor through repetier host it will take one step forward followed by one step backwards instead of two steps forward. I have double checked the wiring and even moved some but it seems that it continues to do this. Any ideas what this might be?

What happens if you tell it to move 50 or 100mm?

Do you have end stops plugged in?

No endstops. If I tell it to run 100 steps it makes an awful grinding sounds and the stepper shakes in both directions like it is going back and forth between forward and backward.

If you bought it from me, it sounds like your steppers are wired wrong. If you bought it your self the other problem could be stepper drivers up too high.

I bought the arduino/ramps from you but not the steppers. I had them from a previous project.

What do you mean that the steppers drivers are too high?

The potentiometers on the drivers need to be set for your steppers.

I would bet money they are just wired wrong, start there.

I don’t have experience with drivers set too high, but I do know that an open on one leg of a stepper motor will produce a grinding noise and cause the stepper to change direction erratically.

I’ve done the “LED” test on the motors at the connectors that plug into the ramps board so I’m fairly certain that they are wired correctly.

I left all of my electronics told at work this weekend. I’ll get them on Monday and test the current going to them then.

Thank you karltinsley and vicious1. You were both very helpful in figuring out my issue. I’m an idiot as the motors were wired incorrectly causing it not to work. They are working well and can’t wait to get the final touches put on the machine and have it make something.

Woohoo! Glad you got it straightened out. Looking forward to seeing your first projects!