Issue with Z axis vertical movement / zeroing.

I just finished my build yesterday and this is the only thing I am having issues with.

Current config:
MPCNC with legs cut for 4” working height, Dewalt 660, and 8” cut all thread.
Software: Win7 64bit, ESTLCAM v 9.017, Repetier-Host 1.6.2.

In Estlcam I will set Z-Axis origin to “Machine Bed” in Basic Settings. F(z) is set to 8.5mm/s in the tool list. I set the Zero before making any changes other changes to the DXF file. I will then make all the cuts and save it as CNC Project. I set the material thickness and tool depth to proper settings.

I take the CNC project and load it up to Repetier. I manually move the mill to zero point and lower it to the “Machine Bed”. Once I hit print, the mill raises about two and half inches as if its rezeroing itself, and then begins the paths about an inch above the material. All is good if I raise the material off the bed by about an inch.

My question is how do I get the Z to zero at bed height?

Sounds like you are moving it with an lcd or other digital means. you will need to reset the arduino, or issue an m999 comand or put a zero command in your starting gcode (G92 X0 Y0 Z0). If you move it by hand it is already at zero.

The starting gcode is probably a good Idea, there are very few times it would screw things up. It is built into the fusion post processor and I have found it saved my butt a few times even just in testing.

Thanks, modifying the Gcode worked. I still have to use the manual controls in Repetier to get it to touch the bed, but otherwise everything looks good.