Issues with getting the endstops to work

Hi everyone

I just started wiring my lowrider 2 and I am having some problems with the endstops. I hope you can help me.

I am using a Rambo and generic parts from the kit.

When I tried connecting the power, I hadn’t plugged it in right and I ended up burning something, but most of the board still works, could this be the reason why the endstops aren’t working? I also made shire that there was a voltage going into the endstops, and there is.

I connected the steppers, and got them working with the series cabling. But when I plugged each stepper into a separate connector, when I tried to lift the z axis, it was like if the steppers didn’t have enough power to lift itself.

On a separate note, I tried connecting the endstops, and I followed everything on the website, but when I moved the carriage, and pressed down on the endstop, the carriage kept moving. Is there any recommendations you could give me to make them work?

The endstops are ignored unless you are homing. To test their function, I would connect a computer, connect with repetier host and send M119. That should show you which ones are triggered and which are open. Once you have that, and the machine moves in the right direction, you can try to home it. But it isn’t very useful to test it when it is a pile of parts on the desk.

What did you short? The rambos are pretty tough, and they have fuses for different things.

Thanks very much, I’ll try everything you said and I’ll see if it works