Issues with pictures and Edit


I’ve posted quite a lot of pictures in my machine’s presentation thread (here: )

It seems like they all disappeared, for some reason. I don’t really know why since I’ve used, which usually is very reliable and I can see the pictures if I copy their links and load them in another tab. Could someone check if this is a forum issue?

For example, the link of a random image in my original post: --> it doesn’t work.
Remove the https:// and it works fine.

I wanted to try to edit my original post to figure out if this definitely was a forum issue, but I cannot see the edit button anymore…

Edit goes away after 5 minutes or so. isn’t supporting a secure connection, so the https will not work, it needs to be http instead. I imagine they either let their certificate expire or some technician has accidentally disabled port 443.

Well, this is annoying… :frowning: Could the rule of 5 minute max to edit be removed?
It is sometimes useful to be able to edit your posts, especially if you want to update the first one of a thread to keep the important information visible without having to search for it in all the discussion pages.