It begins!

Don’t feel bad guys. Im not an engineer. However I work at an engineering firm in the Oil and Gas Business. Full of guys of all different disciplines. I have found one of the biggest downfalls of an engineer is…they are an engineer. So many can’t see beyond their learning to see reality or “common scense”. Have to bring them back to earth every once in a while.

My job title is “Network Engineer” though I do more “Make it Work” than actual engineering. I also used to be an aircraft mechanic, and man, if the engineers that designed the jet I worked on were still alive, I’d go find them and punch then in the throat.



Looks good, are you happy with it?

What? How did you fix it?

Picked up some longer tubes. Metal Supermarkets. $40 for both pieces!


I think so. Need to sand the outside edges of the unistrut a little. There’s a not so smooth section where the metal is bent under itself for the channel. Other than that is seems to run fairly smooth. I did have to turn the wheel bolts around so the head is closest to the table.

Does it seem any less stable on the thinner rail? The Unistrut you found does that surface seems reasonably planar/flat?

Sorry for all the questions, I am really getting some V2 ideas after seeing this.

It’s fairly flat. There’s a couple slight ripples, but nothing that I think will cause an issue. It seems just as stable as before.

that is so sweat:D I was using Paulk workbench from first day when he put his plans. and your table remember me this days;D.


Well, my table has a new home in my dad’s garage. No room in the apartment! :rofl: