It draws pictures - Siberia, Russia

Finally I run my MPCNC. Thank you, Ryan, for the design and support. You machine is fabulous!
I printed all the parts in ABS using my Prusa i3. It was not so easy as I expected. There were a lot of delamination which I fix with ABS juice. I was surprised that the result is still usable. Next time I would use PLA for sure.

My table is 100cmx50cm (40"x20x). I placed it in my living room and I can’t make it too big to not make my wife angry. The table was my first experience in woodworking.I tried to make a tabletop with two planks of thick wood (18mm, .7"). But two planks was not a good idea. I can’t make a flat enough surface even with a jack-plane. I just put two planes of plywood (10mm thick, 2/5"). My table is heavy and level. “Weight is a sign of reliability”

I made the stands of aluminium just because it is easier to cut aluminium. I made them way too high for milling. I still don’t know how I will use the machine. Maybe foam cutting. Now I am draw pictures trying to understand how to control that thing. You can see one of the result attached. I vectorize a picture, translate it to a CNC programs with Estlcam in engraving mode and convert to g-codes with Repetier Host.

The main problem I am experiencing now is that sometiimes z-axis got stuck. I hear a terrible high-pinch noise and z-axis become way off. I tried to oil it and run the nut back and forth with my drill. The bindings happens when during fast moves, I will try to decrease the speed of movements. Hope it’ll help.

Happy to join the great MPCNC owners community!

Looks good.

For your z axis issues, use the newest firmware, it has slower z accelerations. Also check to make sure you didn’t over tighten your center assembly, that is becoming a common issue.

Tried to mill 10mm plywood. 1mm walls came just fine.
Plywood flower

Wow that is so nice. I am trying to get together a user showcase gallery. I will definitely include that one. Nice work.