It Lives!!!


My MPCNC survived it’s first power up and after switching the stepper wires around everything is moving in the right direction and the end stops are doing what they should…Control is working vi both PC and graphic board.

A fairly standard build with a work area 2 feet by 2 feet by 4 inches. Have mounted it on a solid bench I made of 2 x 4’s. Will spend today working through getting it to draw the crown.

Still have to tidy wiring, print a case for the Rambo board, the work through offsets for the end stops.

Pics to follow…




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First Crown test attached - couple of smudges from the cheap pen - not the MPCNC’s fault…



File attached here

Welcome to the Crew, that makes it official.

Pic attached - just waiting for dome stretchy covers to arrive to neaten the wiring…



I like the fact that you let space on your table for the controller and eventually a laptop :stuck_out_tongue: