It really cant be Conduit?

The instructions for the MPCNC says conduit but the instructions for the LowRider2 say specifically not to use conduit. It this accurate? My local hardware store has plenty of conduit but no pipe. Does anyone know why conduit wont work?


The plastic parts only come in sizes that fit 25mm (foreign common pipe diameter) or 25.4mm (domestic 1" pipe diameter). My guess is that because the lowrider is designed specifically for large format, and that the X axis will be quite long, that regular EMT conduit would be to flimsy. Therefore it only comes in sizes that support heavier-duty, larger tubing sizes.


Finding steel is probably easier than you think that it is, but you’re not likely to find it at Home Despot, or the big box stores.

Google “Steel tube” and your city, and you’re likely to find a few places around that will sell you some. It can be quite a reasonable price, if you find the right supplier, though some people have only found somewhat expensive suppliers.

Jegs and Summit have 1" stainless steel, intended as roll cage bars for hot rodders, and will deliver.

If you find a good wholesaler, you should be able to find it under $1/foot. (I work for a steel wholesaler, and that would be the “guy walks in off the street” price, in a 20’ length.)


I have a conduit mpcnc burly 1x3 and a lowrider 4x8. The SS tubing is far superior.

The emt works for the small spans in the mpcncs but at 3ft I can see deflection even with the lightweight core. If I build a primo I’d use SS for it as well.

The lowrider carries a heavier router assembly across a longer 5ft span. Even with SS there is a 1-2 mmm sag from edge to center.

There may be a cheaper solution to SS tubing on the lowrider but emt isn’t it.


I will add, finding a steel supplier nearby and asking if they have or can get ‘1” DOM tubing’ worked for me. They got some 0.125” wall for me in a few days… enough for my primo and then some, for under $100.


FYI, pipe is measured from the inside, tubing is measured from the outside, so in your hunt for metal for your LowRider, you are looking for 1" tubing (or 25mm tubing if in Europe), not pipe.


This isn’t right. Careful. 1" tubing, not pipe.


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Ahh, tubing, my mistake.

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I’m using curtain rod welded steel tubing from Home Depot. It’s 1" exactly. Very straight and very stiff. Thin wall. The telescopic kind.

They come in 50" length, you throw away the smaller inside tube. Just align the tube so a bearing doesn’t run on the weld if that bothers you. I had some in the garage after a remodeling project so the price was free.

My LowRider is only 36", not the full 48 but I can’t see any deflection.

My only complaint is that they are coated with some clear shellac or varnish that is wearing off on the bearings a little.

If you are lucky, your wife may not notice, and for a bonus you can add nice finials on one end.



Thanks, that makes a lot of sense

Thanks, I’ll have to look again. I found a supplier that wanted $100 for 6ft of tubing which seemed really expensive