It works! I think

Hey all, as you might remember, my machine was going absolutely crazy/wobbly stattering and what not. Tried everything I could think of, including breaking the whole machine to pieces cleaning each piece and reassembling(with the help of user @jack) to no real use as the machine was still going wild.

Now I’m happy to share with you I think I fund the problem and it might help others too I hope! So I noticed the blue led control monitor was kind of fading on and off in intensity and when I held the USB cable powering my machine it became full bright blue again, I replaced the USB and power connection and whole doing that I’ve noticed the other cable powering all my motors, looks like a 3 pin cable type, was not fully passing through the housing of the control panel, so it wasn’t fully clicked in, so I fixed that too, screen wasn’t showing signs of loosing power anymore, tested the machine once and it seems to get rid of all the issues!!

So more testing to follow soon, but I’m guessing this was it ?

Oh man, that is such a basic issue…we all went hardcore. Well shoot, glad you found it!