It works!

Yes! My crown, now I feel like a real Princes…KING! I FEEL LIKE A KING! WHAT? I DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING!

Is the thing in the center supposed to be a perfect circle, or a little elliptical?

Anyway. I can’t wait to try out the noisy part. Gotta make a trip for some foam later…

Thanks for this awesome project and great instructions and help. I’ve been feeling stifled by the size limits and print times if my printer, so I’m looking forward to using subtractive CNC to augment it.



Not a perfect circle, your crown looks great.

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Feels really, REALLY good, dudnit?

Yeah, that crown was the first one of my projects that impressed my wife. Welcome to the crown club.

Ha! You thought I was dead, but I wasn’t! My daughter was born on April 10 and while I managed to get enough time to print my crown, my poor MPCNC has been languishing in the basement for the most part. HOWEVER now that things are starting to slow down again, I’m back! Aside from a sign I made for a friend’s business, I just completed my first fully custom PCB project after a bunch of prototyping! It boggles my mind that the machine (sized to cut a full sheet of foam core) can still keep a consistent 0.2mm deep cut perfect like that.
Seriously, this thing is incredible! Thank you!!