It's alive!

My build is coming along.

952mm x 1630mm y

Now I need to lubricate it because it is so noisy it is not very zen like yet.


YES!!! I love the use of the benchy, too cool.

I got side tracked a little and decided to make a liquid pour painting before continuing the table. So cool!


Did you actually drag the Benchy? Super cool idea if you did. Super cool idea if you didn’t…ha!

Hey kelly D,


Yes, I put a small magnet in the bow so that the benchy followed the direction of the movement.

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Wait, you used your ZXY to paint that? Can you go over the basic steps of something like that? Is that epoxy or paint? It looks great.

You have to get a video of that, it would be the worlds most useful Benchy!

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Hey Jeff,

This was just a test. At some point I want to make a big painting. I used a mixture of latex paints, flowtrol and silicone used for liquid pour painting. Look liquid pour painting up on YouTube there are so many ways to do it. Instead of a canvas I poured on a piece of foam board laying on the sand bed… Use plastic to cover first… This is messy.

I put the dimensions of the board in sandify and made my gcode file. Poured the paint on the board and ran the sand table.

If you try this, make sure that you keep the foam board taped down for a day or the corners will stand up and the paint will slowly distort and flow to the middle. That is what happened to mine. Still looked kinda cool but not what I was shooting for.

I finally had a chance to work on my table again. My biggest challenge was the fact that I needed 45 feet of belt and I could not find anything longer then 33ft. First I spliced a belt but the splice wore out pretty quick. The second time I put the splice where the belt attaches to the carriage.


58259.mp4 (4.53 MB)


That is a monster table! Very cool.