It's happening... finally

Since the ol’ MPCNC has been seeing more use in my shop lately I decided it was worth it to go ahead and upgrade to the Primo (I’m lying - I’ve been waiting for an excuse to do this since Ryan started talking about it and a respectable pay-day from a large printing commission made it possible). Hoping that the prints will be done by the time the upgrade kit gets here but even if they are, I’ll probably end up putting some paint on them anyway. Printing low with 4 perimeters and 50% infill so all the printing will take a while even with four printers slugging away at it. All I had on hand in any quantity was a few spools of white so…

Now to find some paint…

(painting because white is boring and a nice slick surface finish will make the machine easier to clean)


Interesting. Any specific paint you’d recommend that works well with PLA? I’d also be interested in your process.

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I’m with gato. I’ve never painted any printed part, I’m interested. Got pics?

Treat PLA like wood. Once you get the surface prepped (sand paper) you can pretty much take your pick of paint and then treat it like you would any other finish. Sand, wipe clean, coat, cure, repeat with progressively finer grit until you get the finish you want.

There are two ‘gotchas’ that I can think of off the top of my head - don’t use a sander unless you can control the speed. PLA goes gummy really quick. In fact, I use PLA print-fails to de-gum my disc sander. Try it - works great.

The other one is watch out for parts that will flex. If you finish with a hard coating it’ll crack - just like the paint on your car bumper when you don’t use an adhesion promoter.

I’ve used Bondo in the past as filler and it works well but if you don’t mix it just right or if it’s humid in your work area it can take a long time to fully cure. Bondo or some other filler can save a lot of time if you’ve got thick layer lines. Here’s an example - a multi part print that needed the joints smoothed out:

I can post a few pics of the process when I get to that part.


Obviously, the sensible thing to do would be to print with filament that’s already the right color lol.

Normal vinyl paint for airbrushing would work???

Do you have a pic of the finished pig? I love it!

Don’t tell me, Pink Floyd themed birthday party? :metal:

I’ve had a lot of people guess Pink Floyd but it’s not lol. Here’s the details - this was from yesterday I think so I don’t think Carl has got the paint on it yet.

I know people airbrush printed items but I have absolutely no experience with it myself so I’m not familiar with the specific paint you’re referring to. I would think, once you’ve got a primer coat on it, any paint that’s compatible with the primer should work fine.

All parts will be finished by morning:


Upgrade kit is here. Thanks V1E.

Painting the parts now. Write-up will follow at some point.

Humid today so paint is taking longer than usual to dry…

I use a technique i read on all3dp… I spray a layer of polyurethane and then desired color imidiatly after, dry and repeat… it helps remove the layer lines with minimal effort(no sanding).

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All the sanding has been done already. I’m only worried about the surfaces that are likely to catch the light - which is to say the larger areas that are already mostly flat.

Got any pics of some of your painted prints? All of my attempts at that method have been… Bad lol.

This is the only one I got on this phone… and it didn’t turn out great, but I blame that on me doing it fast and the fact that this Droid is itty bitty

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