Its working! (Mostly, weird patterning)

I assume this has something to do with extrusion rates or something.

There is an odd pattern showing on my prints, most obvious in this hexagonal shape 10mm talls, the sides should be completely flat instead I get an odd pattern. See picture below, any hints would be great!

I had something similar going on with mine, I’m not sure how I fixed it, check extrusion rates, that the z coupler is connected correctly, that the z rods are straight, that the bed is attached correctly so it doesn’t twist side to side when it moves forward and back oh! And that your pulleys aren’t loose…

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yea I kinda figured that’d be the answer, I’ll tighten things down more and tune tune till I’m blue in the face.

Figured it out! There was a zip tie tail still on the belt on the Y axis and everytime it passed that part of the belt it would snag slightly!