I've read and read about Z axis. time to ask for help

I completed my MPCNC with an ordered kit and have run into Z-axis issues like others. I have read and read trying to find similar issues and checking settings and still have not figured it out.

I am just using the estlcam basics tutorial with the crown and it comes out great on X&Y but for some reason my Z depth is wrong. I have my depth set for 1mm and for some reason it is consistently cutting to 6mm.

I have my depth per pass set to 1mm as well so somewhere something is confused. Here is a little snip it of G-code. Iā€™m very very new to this. Help me learn. Thanks All

;Project 0102
;Created by Estlcam version 10 build 11.007
;Machining time about 00:02:25 hours

M03 S24000
G00 X0.0000 Y0.0000 Z0.0000 F2100
G00 Z2.0000 F480

;No. 1: Engraving 1
G00 X25.2813 Y92.4056 F2100
G00 Z0.5000 F480
G01 Z-1.0000 F180 S24000
G03 X24.3781 Y90.2149 I3.1808 J-2.5930 F900
G01 X24.3573 Y89.7948 F900
G01 X24.3772 Y89.3846 F900

What electronics are you using and what firmware, sounds like a bad combination. Not a common issue.

Hey man, Thank you for replying. I have the mini Rambo flashed directly from you.

What Z screw? 5/16" or T8, I flash them for T8.

T8 screw. So update, I decided to re-flash my board with the marlin firmware that you have posted and it appears to have corrected my issues. Thank you again for your attentiveness.

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