James LR3 Build Log

So excited to finally be here. A CNC has been on my list of tools that I couldn’t quite afford yet. But an Ender 3 V2 and finding this forum changes all of that. Ryan, thanks! seriously put this out there for any one to grab and build and join in the conversation really is what draws me to a project and a creator.

My plans for this CNC is to build a teardrop camper from all CNC cut parts. I’ve build a few teardrops in the past and I know that there are quite a few parts that could be made on a full size CNC. This LR3 will be a 4’x8’ build.

A few parts a printed below, I’m planning on a DeWalt themed build. Say what you will but I just bought into one system to keep order.

I’m going to be keeping track a few different aspects just for my own curious knowledge print time of parts being one as I’m curious to see what the total print time will be from my view.


I presume you built the trailer in the picture? Really nice! That’s something I’d like to try!


Glad to have you!


I did, this is one of the newer ones I’ve built. But here’s a link to the forum where I built my first. Any info you’d need for building your own will be here. A lot them have their own teardrop camping events and chapters. Definitely check them out!



Really kicking myself right now when I should have left well enough alone. But I was working on getting the CNC to make its first runs. I had the CNC running fine, I could get it to home to each of the end stops, I could step control through the TFT everything seemed great. I thought ok I’m going to get the board updated and the firmware installed put the board back and everything is a mess z will only move 1mm at a time and pushes through the end stop and there’s an end stop issue where once I home one of them will randomly stop working. I really thought I had a handle on this but clearly not. I’m stuck and not sure where to go from here.

Any ideas or info I can provide please ask cuz at this point I’m lost.

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Sounds like you just put the wrong one on there, what exact link did you use?

That I am not sure now, but since I have downloaded two versions I do believe I used the one from marlins GitHub. Should I be using the one from the firmware link here Marlin Firmware - V1 Engineering Documentation

That is a link to the page,

For a LR3, what board do you have?

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Marlin’s github is a generic blank profile it will not work, we made custom ones.

Yes, it’s the LR3 I have the skr pro v1.2. Should I have downloaded the V1CNC_SkrPro_DualLR_2209

Yup, https://github.com/V1EngineeringInc/MarlinBuilder/releases/download/515/V1CNC_SkrPro_DualLR_2209-2.1.1.zip

Cheers! Thanks, off to hyper-focus for the next couple of hours. I’ll report back

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Self-induced errors for the internet to see. Kids don’t mess with the firmware it’s fine.

When I move the crown file from Estlcam to Repetier host it results in large unpatterned swirls any ideas what could be the issue here

Hello @AviatorMD, looks like known Repetier Bug, checkout…

Look forward to seeing teardrop camper updates. Hope that helps, cheers!

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Repetier bug, might have to move to CNCjs they have not fixed that bug for a very long time (printers don’t use arcs), https://cnc.js.org/ Still looking into it.


Did you try CNCjs, what did you think?

I’m having a heck of a time trying to figure this part out, CNCjs is WAY over my head. I cut out this middleman part and dropped the known good crown test file, and I got a successful full complete run. But that’s already showing me what I know which is it works. The problem is that I don’t know the programs to get the setting right and to make it work on my own g-code file. I’ll get it but seems like I’ve gotten in over my head

CNCjs and repetier host just “play the file” same as putting it on the SD card in the screen. They don’t really do anything.

Software workflow.

You need artwork, then you need CAM, after that is “playing” the file.

So estlcam basics is how to make the crown, and the test Crown page shows you exactly how to make it.

I’m doing some testing now as I think most likely I’m overcomplicating it. I can get Cncjs to home and now when I run the crown instead of it seeing the z probe it tries to drive through the table.

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The test crown gcode doesn’t have any homing commands.

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