Jeffeb3's MP3DPV2 "The Sequel"

Starting a build thread. So far, it’s just gone from a glimmer in my eye to a sheet of plywood in the garage…

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At this rate, it should be done just in time for the apocalypse.

Also, if you run the stepper drivers at a higher voltage, you could call it

Jeffeb3's MP3DPV2 "The Squeal"

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Depends on when you think the apocalypse is. I guess if I never finish, it will definitely be after the apocalypse. I did print one part, but I’m going to try to get it all in the same filament, so I’ll probably reprint it.

For some reason, I want this to end up being really nice looking. Even though it will sit on a desk with a bunch of junk and basement cobwebs. I think the reason is that I already have two printers, and I need a good reason to remake one of them.

I bought that birch, and it’s the right material, but I’m not sold on the look. I like the look of the edges, and I think it would really look nice with some clear coat on it, but I’ve got the idea of applying walnut veneer on it, and carving something into it. Too bad Ryan couldn’t come up with a better name…

Punk…How about “The Money Printer 7000”…That would turn some heads “Fused Filament Fabrication Station Version 2, The Heffe Edition” Dammit don;t get me started on names again. Almost called it the DANG printer, not sure if I put that anywhere. Dude ANother Gadget.

I need to find some nice 3/8" ply. I really want a nice wood one, and all those layers will really look impressive with a nice finish. I went everywhere around here. I need to have another look with my construction buddy.

I will definitely lose sleep about what to name it.

Try finding a cabinet shop. They will either be able to sell you some small pieces, or tell you where they get their stuff. The 3/8" BB is used pretty heavily in custom cabinet carcasses. It’s not usually used in construction.

I bought mine from “Front Range Lumber”, but they have a decent selection of hardwoods too. I’ve also gotten it from “Austin Hardwoods” (in Denver, despite the name) and they have a ton of choices, but they are a bit more expensive, and they aren’t as friendly. Searching for “hardwoods”, or “lumber” in google maps should get you close.

I have a sticker on my laptop from “Living the Dream” Brewery. I really like that concept:

I wonder why I haven’t put that logo one something else in my shop…


My theme song…

HAHA. That’s awesome. Especially because it’s principal Belding. I love the way he’s singing with his hands.

I’m liking this. The “LTD” edition… There’s something there.

Lowe’s and Home Depot can usually custom order better plywoods too.

Not sure how cost effective it is.

No updates?


Well, no progress worth reporting.

I have been messing with the electronics a little. I bought a ramps compatible all in one board and some Chinese tmc2130 drivers and I’ve been playing with those. I have the SPI working, but not the endstops. They come soldered, so it requires some soldering rework skills, which I’m sure many people don’t even have the gear for. I plan on posting about it when I get it working.

I made some test pieces of birch made black, but the stain I got sucks. I have got some India ink and black acrylic paint and I will try those next. Just need some time.

I have some designs in OnShape, but I’m not happy with them. I am still thinking LTD style and I am considering making the top have the mountain shape. But I am just not talented enough to get it to look good. I also have a bunch of surface area to add stuff, so I need to balance that out. If the stain/carve looks cool, I’ll probably cut something, even if it’s just lines, on each part.

I did print all the standard parts. Red raptor PLA. I didn’t print them large enough to account for shrinkage when tempering, but I would like to temper the x carriage pieces, but it’s low priority and just for fun.

[attachment file=54261]

On my first MP3DP, I intended to go back and make it pretty, but I never did. This one will take longer, but will be “done”.

Also, we have this 6 week old baby that’s crying whenever I’m working on anything fun. So I get ten minutes at a time. I’ve literally been composing this email for two hours. :slight_smile:

I can only imagine. All my projects start off with all the fancy stuff in mind, Then I just have to finish it. Go back to make a fancy version and end up with a V2…

Can;t wait to see what comes of it. I only ever see my logo and hexagons…I’m sure you are all getting bored of that already.

Does anyone have experience with Z motors with integrated leadscrews? If prusa does it, it must be awesome, right?


Just on my mk2s. They are nice. What did you want to know?

Which ones to buy, where to find them, and if they are worth it, basically.

Bragging about your MK2’s is cheating. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, they seem measurably better than a coupled solution?

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Well any minor coupler issues are gone. It probaby cost about the same if you where to buy it in parts. I think someone on the prusa facebook page was selling them, unbranded of course.

Amazon has some too, but i think they are too expensive.,ss:44&tbm=shop&prmd=sniv&srpd=18403537903142919731&prds=num:1,of:1,epd:18403537903142919731,paur:ClkAsKraXyjI6yHomjBO2vMWIJp1pF0ZfCCcREyaHerw1_FpFePqApBb8PPWXpu6uc26zqcWCD0x8KCDrHo9emtqxYuuPxxI_lM8yonpmvBe2WzXV-kiZq8gXBIZAFPVH71MGt-iqOdqudJRmdPSJfrZb3Lsjw&ved=0ahUKEwjq-cGFp9HZAhXB7YMKHcVIBeIQgjYI_AM


Found this.

I bought two of these:

The packaging was terrible, just a little baggy around the motor and cable. One of the motors had a smashed connector, and it had a missing cable (the baggy couldn’t close all the way, it had a lead screw sticking out).

I do the amazon return thing, order a 3rd one.

The guy that’s selling them (redrex) emails me and says he’s really sorry, they are improving the packaging, and he wants to pay me back for all three motors. Cool.

I get the third one, and… The screw is bent (it’s still the old packaging, who knows when it will be the new packaging).

So, what the heck, it was free. I’ll tear it apart and get the screw out. Maybe I can put another one in?

Find a tech2C video on doing exactly that, and besides the fact that he’s some kind of he-man, I manage to get it out (with much strain and leadscrew damage).

So now, I have a motor that can accept a leadscrew. I’m pretty sure I have some epoxy, but that’s not hard to get anyway, and I have two 300mm leadscrews from my MP3DP, and I really want something like 350mm-400mm, so I bought a new lead screw on amazon.

Basically, I hope these get better soon. Right now they are $30, and they come broken 2/3 times. Although, with some luck, you might get one and some parts for free, just with a little driving to mail a package.

I’m planning on installing these and the TMC2130 drivers on my MP3DP v1 next week, or over the weekend, just to see how well they move around. Should be fun.

I built my machine with one of those. It was very simple to assemble. My Mk2 has them also. :slight_smile:

The one I bought isn’t available anymore, and it was also only $21 when I bought it.