Job completes midway

Ran a surfacing job the other day and the job completed before it made its way through the entire job. Using cnc.js & also should I use arcs when using post processor in fusion 360…I turned it off and the bit was rounding the edges…as in the picture!

Looks like grubscrew or skipped steps. I say this because it appears the stepover starts off large, like 80%, and gradually gets smaller toward the top of the photo, finishing with what looks like 30% stepover. So it may actually have finished the job, but didn’t make it to the top because it lost some distance along the way.

Rounding the edges… you mean the wavy crescent pattern on the left edge? That would likely be changed with lead-in and/or lead-out settings in f360 CAM. Facing operations generally won’t leave that edge straight; you can use a contour finishing pass to clean it up.

I also notice some burning on the ends. Guessing you’re plunging straight down there, which may be OK just be sure not to bottom out the middle where there’s no carbide. F360 has a lot of options to do this cut by gradually dropping in as it moves along X/Y… profile ramp lead-ins etc. Doing that will get rid of the burning and help the bit last longer.

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I paused the job and the tool was sitting in that location. I also ran the job twice cause I had issues with the tool not being trammed to the spoiler board. But you might be right about the skipped steps…but I don’t have any grub screws for Y axis what would I fix or tighten?

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I’ve never seen a GT2 pulley without a grub screw. Maybe it’s just the jargon… they’re also called set screws… the screw that secures a GT2 pulley to a flat spotted shaft.