Job never "finishes"

minor but annoying.

If I run a job from the SD card it never completely “finishes”. It seems to run all but the last line of gcode then just sits @ 99% forever. I have to “stop printing” the print to get back to the main menu or start another job. Is that to be expected? (M2 - “End Of Job” doesn’t appear to be implemented.)

TFT35_v3.0.26.x Aug 24 2020

Ok. Missing a new line. Adding that causes the last line to run… but it still just sits there…

Post the last section of the g-code so the group can take a look for issues, or we are likely just guessing.

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A file with a single command in it will do it… The current one is nothing more than the following (this is literally the whole file)

; draw alignment + at the current position
G91 ; relative position
G0 Z2 ; pen up
G0 X-5 
G0 Z-2 ; pen down
G1 X10
G0 Z2 ; pen up
G0 X-5 Y-5
G0 Z-2 ; pen down
G1 Y10
G0 Z2 ; pen up
G0 Y-2
G0 Z-2 ; pen down
G2 J-3 ; circle 3mm radius at starting position.
G0 Z2 ; pen up

; end

If you take out the M2, now that you have a newline, does that work?

No… Even a single line does it…



It’s mostly just annoying… It actually runs the GCODE… It just never figures out that it’s done. If I send it with a gcode sender it works just fine. It’s some bug in the TFT… I’ll have to pull code…

I had a similar issue at first. Had to set it to raise and return to origin. Not sure what board you have or which software you use. I remember somewhere in estlcam, but don’t remember exactly right now. I can look tomorrow. Might be a different issue, but can’t hurt to check.

Whoops… misread the date on this… it’s from Jan 21, not Jan 22…