John's Build

Received my Dewalt 611 a few weeks ago, and have a few other odds and ends ready to go.
When I get home from work in about 4 weeks I’ll start printing the parts.

Just curious, is there any way to order a hardware kit without the electronics?
I have a Smoothie Board 5x from KickStarter a few years ago that I would like to use, so I don’t need a RAMPS, nor the LCD, fan, power supply, etc… If not, I can buy the parts piece meal from the Vicious1 store, but since you have the nuts and bolts all packaged up I’d rather send my money to Ryan as opposed to Home Depot!


I don’t have kits that way. The hardware/fastners take the most work, so I make up for that by bundling them in a kit, without it is not worth the time.

Sorry I have been asked a few times but it really isn’t worth it any other way, kits allow me to prep 10-20 at a time in the time it takes to do 1-2 custom orders.

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You can always hit the donate button to keep him fed. I doubt he would ever suggest it, but I will.

It’s cool. I already have the separate parts in my shopping cart already, just figured I’d ask before I submitted it. Just need to add some bits to the order, then I get to wait until I can get home and clear all the junk from the area I’m going to build the LowRider.