Jtech Photonics Laser Firmware

Good evening gents… since my latest logo project I have decided to move my jtech laser from my MPCNC to a gmax printer(and buy another one soon, more powerful for the MPCNC) However im running in to a bit of trouble. The M106 command used for the laser, only controls the fan on this printer. Is this a special change unique to the MPCNC marlin firmware?? if so, How can i make that change on my current printers firmware. that would be super helpful.
as always, keep up the good work.

M106 and M107 are the standard g codes for the fan, nothing special about that. Since the mpcnc, when used as a cnc doesn’t have a hot end fan, it works the laser. Can you wire up the laser in parallel with the fan?

well, not really… the laser plugs in to its own control board… the only thing that plugs in to the Ramps Board is a red and black in to D9 for the ability to turn on the laser via those commands.

Leo69 changed the pin assignment to pin 44 because D9 is 12pwm, and we need 5v for our driver. The jTech needs 12v so I think you are stuck switching manually between the fan and you laser.

I’ve created my own modification to Marlin that implements a new command M103 / M105 to control the laser through pin 42. This allows the M106/M107 commands to continue driving the fan as stock firmware does. Also added 12bit pwm to laser instead of the current 8bit resolution in stock firmware. I don’t want to upload because i know people like to upgrade firmware from time to time and won’t be able to with mine without losing mods. I think best thing is instructions showing what to revise in each of the source files to implement the changes. I’ll try to get this done soon but no promises. Pretty busy these days.long live MPCNC!!!