Just a gripe about drag chains

This is just a gripe. Drag chains are too expensive for what they are and take too long to print. Even from AliExpress it costs as much as from Amazon by the time shipping is calculated. I just want something easy that I can use for cable management and make my MPCNC look pretty.

On the plus side, it does look nice as is.

I’ve seen several topics on the “tape measure trick” in the last year where PET sleeving is combined with the metal from a tape measure to create a cable-chain-like movement. Here is one example topic. I’ve also seen builds that just use the PET sleeving and tack one end down to the table. If your table is a tight fit to the legs, I’ve seen sleeving just hanging off the side of the table…looks and works fine.

I did the tape measure on my lowrider and didn’t really like it. And I dont want to leave sleving hanging because everything else in my shop is mobile and has grabby hands.

I agree. Drag chains are expensive for what they are… But when they’re the right solution, they’re the right solution, so I have them on my MPCNC. Probably though I spent way too much for the slotted angle (cheapest angle of appropriate size) that is supporting the drag chain too. It’s always the ancillaries that rack up project cost.

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They are the right tool so I’ll be getting some. Just might have to either wait for a little while to purchase or deal with the 8 hours for 15 links printing times.

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Finally got the drag chains finished and installed. I like the way they look.

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