Just another filament spool holder

I know we’ve all made these before…

I had some 608 bearings that aren’t very good hanging around, and my 3d printed spool holders are a little flimsy against sideways pressure.

12mm plywood, and a spare 5/16" bolt and nut.

Next will be to print a wingnut handle for the nut and bolt, and maybe a little sanding.


very cool - ill have to keep this in mind for my printer enclosure when / if I ever get around to building it

Wood spool rollers are definitely not something you see everyday! Looks super stout… could probably handle the weight of lead filament if there were such a thing.

I made some printable spool rollers that fit 21quart Rubbermaid sealed containers. They keep my “active” spools in desiccant boxes; with a PTFE tube bulkhead on each box, swapping filaments is pretty quick and the dessicant rarely see’s “fresh air” as a result. The whole setup actually eliminates a lot of dehydration work from printing (important for me as I print nylon and other sensitive stuff).

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Lead would be really tough, when it melts it melts, no plasticy gooey temperature. :frowning:

Spool Holder.zip (1.2 MB)

Probably not needed, but here’s the .dxf for the spool holder, and an STL for the part that holds the nut and bolt. (1/2" wrench size, 5/16" bolt. Probably OK for 8mm bolt w/ 13mm head with a little force to put the head in.)

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Just finishing printing the thumb wheels for bolt and nut.


Thanks for the dxf. Fantastic!