Just finished assembly and noticing some possible problems

Is it supposed to be able to do this? If I can do this by hand, what’s stopping this from happening as soon as my cutting bit meets any amount of resistance? Is there any way to keep this from happening? I feel like I should address this before I move on to wiring.

Those motors on either end are going to hold that in place.


With the power off, I have a similar amount of play in my axes. As Jeff mentions, the stepper motors, once engaged, move in lock-step, preventing the skewing you showed in your video from happening while cutting. This skewing/movement does highlight the value of endstop switches and homing (or some other mechanism) for squaring your machine. Imagine your axes are skewed when the steppers are engaged. If not corrected by homing, your machine will move in a parallelogram rather than a rectangle.


That is expected…but the less you do that the better.

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Good to know, thank you all for your responses. I don’t have to take it as a sign I messed up too badly, then.

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