Just finished my first 2 cuts with Estlcam and I have a question

So I finished my first two cuts and quite a bit of drawing and testing with a pen. My first cut was in 1/4 in poplar board and was fantastic. I then moved on to a 12" wide piece of Premium pine. The actual cut went very well and looks great except for one small thing. In between the movements it did not seem to lift up enough and left very shallow but noticeable grooves in the board when moving to a new area for the next cut or layer etc. I just want to confirm what I believe will fix it before I start my next cut. It looks as though I need to adjust the Clearance Plane up a bit to make sure the Z axis lifts high enough before a move. If this isn’t right could someone please point me in the right direction?

It also seems like it left a gradient groove on the first layer as it reached the spot and began. Is there a setting for that as well?

Thanks I truly love a community like this one that helps out so readily for the others looking to learn.


Yea, set your clearance plane a bit higher. I think I have mine set to 10mm.

I agree clearance plane, and make sure the machine is level/planer with your table. If you have a low corner this will happen… Like if you are being lazy and lean all your weight on the machine and make a corner drop a few millimeters, ask me how I learned that…

10 mm seems a bit too high to me, I’ve set it up to 5mm and never had any issue so far.
Any particular reason for setting it so high?

Thanks that solved it! Having so much fun with thing :slight_smile: