Just ordered my Mk2s to Mk2.5 upgrade.

Which means ill have a spare bed and pina prob. Now i looked into building the harbo edtion with my spare parts and my white MP3DP but the extrusion alone is going to cost 75 then id still need to order new rods ($65). I dont think they share dimensions on any axis. So the cost on this is starting to jump quite a bit.


Ryan, have you thought about modifying the MP3DP to accept MK2 parts? Theres going to be a good bit of people like me looking to do something with their spares?

It changed? I modeled it after the readily available prusa smooth rod kits, maybe a different version?

Mk2? I think all the rods are longer, but ill check when i get home.

Is this the lengths of the rods for the mp3dp?


330mm for Y axis

320mm for X axis

About the length of the Z axis, it’s seems to be 370mm.


Never mind, found it. They will work.

X 8x370mm Smooth Rod ShopAmazon
2 Y 8x350mm Smooth Rod ShopAmazon
2 Z 8x320mm Smooth Rod