Just started printing the parts. Question: Why 5 steppers and only 3 Drivers?

Here is what I have so far: http://i.imgur.com/CcTQGql.jpg

So I just started printing the parts, also I heard from various sources that infill isnt that big of a deal, I have printed the parts recommend with +70% infill just in case, but I think the other parts are going to be 15-20% infill, does anyone disagree with this or tried it and failed? also, if I get the machine working correctly, I will try and make some of the parts out of wood with the cnc (there are some that are doable). Anyways thanks for the view and thanks to Vicious for the design thats making this a reality. :smiley:

Also I ran out of plastic D: I need to order that :C

I get asked about the infill a lot. I did test the parts and those percentages is the minimum that worked well for me. I don’t sell filament so I have no interest in making my parts take more filament and I would love for it to be quicker to print. I didn’t just make the numbers up. It will most definitely work at 5% infill, work well, no. That being said if you only plan on carving foam or just 3D printing, sure bump those values down.

There are plenty of people that can chime in here. Lots of different materials, infills, ect.

Instead of wood you can always print the parts and do a resin fill. There are a few ways to make the parts stronger if you need them to be.

It is a fun machine when it is done and hopefully opens a lot of creative doors for you in, as far as I know, the least expensive way possible.

Thanks! yeah I ran out of plastic but I may keep the same values like yours, or around that, bought 2kg more of plastic XD. Also, may I ask why 5 steppers and 3 shields? I tought it was just 3 for each axis

Using 3 seems to be enough to run these steppers very well. Not doing anything crazy to the firmware also makes it nice and easy to transition between applications, milling, Printing, laser, ect.

I think I may not be asking the right question… In the “parts” guide, in the list, it says 5 steppers and 3 Drivers, my question is: Do I need 5 steppers and 3 drivers? shouldnt the machine need a shield per stepper, or just 3 steppers?

5 steppers and 3 drivers is correct. The x and Y are wired in parallel (or series) like a standard 3D printer Z axis.

Thanks alot! :smiley: cant wait to continue with this proyect :smiley:

Thanks alot! :smiley: cant wait to continue with this proyect :smiley:

Will probably use my machine just for milling and lasercut, and my steppers are rated with 0.59Nm 2A, so i need one stepperdriver for every Stepper, in repetier its very easy to clone the x and y axis to E0 and E1. Any reason not to go for 5 individual drivers (i know that it will be not possible 3d Printing feature, due to lag of one more stepperdriver)… Is marlin also capable of cloning stepper signals to other ports? Never used marlin, i normally use repetier for all my 3D printers and grbl for 2D Laser…

A few reasons.

Power has never really been an issue with the X and Y axis, 2 small steppers work fine even for aluminum, I used 42oz/in from an old printer for 6 months and never skipped a step and had them undervolted as well.

Most people use this for multiple things and use the other ports.

Running your steppers at max power causes them to be extremly hot, applications that momentarily use the steppes it is fine but under several hours of continued use max amps is not suggested.