Just started

This is how far I got tonight. Steppers are slow. Need to buy more parts


I’m jealous. I have all of my parts printed, and I’ve bought my tubing and hardware and bearings. I’m waiting for my next free cash to get the steppers and electronics from @vicious1.

I’m looking forward to following your build as it’s nice to see folks at similar stages!

The stepper motor were slow in shipping is what I meant to say. I am still looking for tubing and saving money for the board/display. The wheels are being slow as well. I need to order the belt and those connected parts as well. For the effort I have put into searching amazon/ebay and local stores I really should just buy everything on this site.

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little further

ten meters of belt arrived today. the metal store I went to appears to want more than 120 dollars for the parts from Amazon are 72 dolllars. I wonder what sort of deal i can get with that information.


I am waiting for parts to arrive still. Would this tool be usable in the Lowrider setup? Craftsmen All-In-One Cutting Tool, Model No. 183.172521. It has an eighth and quarter inch collet and is 20-30K rpm.

It has some different ways to mount it. I will look into a picture later and a link to the device on the web.

more progress. failures in measurement and calculations. saving money for board and display, printing more parts

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worried about cutting the belt, need a board and a display and wiring

Nice router set up.

Just something I noticed. The XZ main is facing the wrong way. The Z-axis lead screw might bind a bit in with the current orientation. However, there have been instances where this orientation worked out.

I will relook at it. Thanks for looking out for me. I will eventually need all the help I can get.