Just want to make sure I'm getting the correct tube

I’ve already printed out all of the 25.4mm parts and wanted to make sure I got the correct stainless steel tube:


Thanks for the help!

It will absolutely work (it’s what I’ve used), the only ‘issue’ is that the j-series nut traps (placed inside the z tubes) are sized for .049 tubing, so some sanding will be required to get them to fit. Not a big deal in my mind, took maybe 10 minutes sanding by hand.

Awesome, I was looking at the same one tubing (mostly because it’s a lot cheaper than the 0.049 tubing).
Still printing parts off, so I’ve been taking my time researching the tubing.

FYI, using 3 day UPS shipping, total cost was $113.37 to Houston Texas. My CNC machine is going to be 24" X 36. I used the custom lengths option so I shouldn’t even have to cut my pipe when it gets here.

I’m going with the custom cuts option as well, but for a 24"x 24" (with 9" Z movement) and it’s $70.00 + $18.72 for shipping to Missouri. ($88.72 total)

For me the Calc said:
(6x) XY-axis Conduit Lengths: 34.4" (ordering 34.5")
(2x) Z-Rail Lengths: 16.5"
(4x) Leg Conduit Lengths: 8.5"

Hoping to order the tubing late next week, then the Parts Bundle from vicious near the end of October =\

Can’t wait to finally get this thing built =D

FYI, I got my tube in the mail last night and it’s perfect :slight_smile: I’ve been using a file on the edges so I don’t slit my wrists but other than that it’s super smooth light and strong. All of my rails slide great, no binding at all.

awesome, thanks for the update on this tubing.