1. Got the parts to build an MPCNC from the wife for Christmas. Hardware store is next.
Went with both a DW660 and a 500W Spindle. Gonna have a lot of learning and testing to do.

Full details will be posted at http://jvkmakerspace.com/ and some progress updates here.

This will be fun.

That’s a cool website.

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Wow that is a really cool write up you did. I expect what you are feeling is exactly what every single user experiences. Doubts and uncertainty. Thankfully you are not listening too much to armchair “engineers” looks mean nothing when it comes to machines. Performance is everything. I am honestly very confident that the machine and the crew (me and everyone in the forums) will exceed your expectations.

I try very hard not to make statements like that very often but I really believe it. Under promise over deliver.

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Merry Christmas!


If for one second, even the slightest bit, you questioned whether or not you made the right call on an MPCNC you have your answer. On Christmas Day…Christmas Day…my man Ryan (and Jeff) are on these boards answering questions and handing out advice! You will not find a more passionate and dedicated crew anywhere on the interwebs. Look forward to seeing how your build goes! They gave me the confidence, almost a year to the day, to give it a go and it’s been a blast ever since.






And Barry and Bill and BT and Guffy and Josh and Dave and…


While the user videos clinched it for me. The daily participation of Ryan and others in these forums has made me feel much better about it. Some very smart people here.

Right now all I got to do was open the box, have to do all the other family stuff first.

The one piece of printed parts I was able to fondle for a brief moment, feels very well printed.

The build will be 24x24x4 inch cut area. Adding 1 inch of Z as a safety net. Thought about 3ft y by 2ft x but feel that I need to stick to the smaller size and learn first.

Besides, the 2x2’ is plenty for the majority of stuff anyone would hang on a wall. Generally smaller.

Get ready for my participation as well.

Thank you all.

When I made my mpcnc I did it with 120mm work area for Z. Usually guys here make Z lower. But I realized that it was right design because you must have additional 50mm for have space to change a tool.
Just take it in mind. If your Z zero will be usually on top of the material - reserve additional 50mm to most tall detail you plan to mill.
(I think this can be added to FAQ)

Ok yeah. Not sure how thick any work piece will be. Considered it briefly and didn’t think about it again. Will take some measurements of different pieces while getting rest of hardware. Consider on possibly adding 50mm (2in) for tool changes. Thank you.

Learning is fun. ?

Finally got a chance to open the box. It is very well packed.

[attachment file=80898] [attachment file=80899]

Need to take full inventory, but here is everything.[attachment file=“80900”]

[attachment file=“9FCE104F-9563-49F7-AA3A-3FF0B4E075C5.jpeg”]

All steppers are the same
[attachment file=80901]

Wife was supposed to order the DW660 mount, not sure it’s here. But that’s ok. I will print them. ? yea!

More later…


No pics of build yet. But gantry finally assembled. Rollers feel tight though. Loosened bolts and it’s better but till a little tight when rolling.

Electronics are next. Then mounting and squaring more.

maybe it needs to be broken in.

Yep, run it a while.

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Finally have the build completed. Have drawn several things.
Too cold to work outside, so it’s in my dining room.
Wife says I have till Wednesday, but, we’ll see.

Finally got the wires cleaned up with the endstops setup and tested.
Homing works great, once I got it setup correctly.

it’s all working great.

I still need to figure out something for the Z cable management.
Didn’t do the tape measure trick. Will figure something else out.

Still have to figure out a good Dust Collection system.
One I will look at further was using the Z tubes.

I am not fully ready for cutting.

I figured out that I have a 609mm X and Y plane.
I think I have plenty of Z as well.

I need to figure out the spoil board and my coordinate grid system.

Make sure your measurements are correct… you’ll see at the end.

[attachment file=83560]
[attachment file=83561]

Table gets it’s first battle scar on day 1…awesome!

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Yeah, couple more over the last couple of days.

Now I’m trying to learn Inkscape and Estlcam. Getting used to them. Not sure measurements are lining up between the two. Seems off by a bit.

Drawing squares now and the seem to be measuring up and are square.

Still have some tweaking and learning to do.

The wife says it’s basically a Cricut.

Yes, yes it is, it’s a Burly Man’s Cricut.

More pic’s, videos and tutorials soon.


[attachment file=84609]

5 hour print with a ball point pen. A whole lot of markings didn’t come out. It’s one of our cats. He has a lot of white.

Converted into DXF using Inkscape. Then Estlcam using auto generate engrave. Which I did purchase.

This was my burn in test for my MPCNC.

I did have to stop it with 45min left.

Not sure when I will get to my first cut. Too cold.

That is a new one, I have never tried that feature!

Beginning of milling Wood. I need to get better wood. But it’s a start.
The picture is my second attempt at milling the Benchy.

I had to make some alterations to the drawing, but I am not happy with them.
I am going to redo it this week and see if I can get better results.

On the plus side, the bit didn’t break.

[attachment file=99317]