KarlTinsly :) and other vacuum shoe users

So im working on mounting this thing finally…
With the 660, how much of the drill did you remove? I cant seem to break just the black part out, and leave the housing of the drill tip in place. its kind of an all or nothing deal. How much did you guys take off?

Hey Ryan LB, I only removed the black ring on the end. I think it was labeled “1”. Hold on, I’ll run downstairs and see if I can figure out how I removed it.

Okay, it’s actually labeled “2”. It looks like I took two screw off the bottom. Be careful when you open this up, there is a spring that can fly out.

There is also a c-clip, which probably holds the whole assembly in place. I’m guessing you need to open the main body of the router to get the piece off. You might have to remove the clip, which is easy enough.

Sorry I don’t have better detail - I did this as soon as I got it and haven’t thought of it since. I will say that it was very easy, and you shouldn’t worry about screwing anything up. Just take your time. The piece you’re removing comes off without damage, so you can save it in case you ever want to reinstall it.

the top picture is where i cant disconnect it… that split ring even if i pull on both sides (which is hard because its SUPER tight), it wont come off the rim of the black.
Did it just pop off for you? I know my door sweep comes in the mail today, so I can finally wrap up this part. once this works, I can cut my chessboard. Sand it and stain it, then put to bed my 3d printed chess set. Which will be one of the first projects ill actually finish (im a tinkerer not a project guy haha). next I might cut a 3d printer resin curing box out of wood. Cool thing about the CNC is its so much quicker than 3d printing and cheaper in some regards :slight_smile: i just wish I could insulate it enough to run during my kids naps :slight_smile:

Yes, it came off without a problem for me. Usually you don’t need to open it up to the point that it can slide over the whole cylinder - just enough to get one side unclipped, then work it around till it pops off the other side - like the bead of a tire. Does that make sense? I know I didn’t use any special tools, like retaining ring pliers.

You might find this useful: http://www.shapeoko.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=245&start=20
Here’s another one: https://cadduino.wordpress.com/2013/10/19/spindle-dewalt-dw660/

One thing everyone seems to agree with is that the c-clip is a PITA. I might have have just gotten lucky, or it really was a PITA and I’ve blocked it out of my memory!

LOL, you definitely blocked it out of your memory because that clip is a nightmare!

I removed the end of the main housing to get to the snap ring. I think it was four screws. It really was not that hard to do and only took a few minutes. If needed I will take mine apart tomorrow to take photos if you guys want to see it apart.

I actually found the easiest way to get this out was to slide a flathead (small) screwdriver in from the front (where the ring splits) just wedge under it and lift… it popped right off :slight_smile:

I did EXACTLY what Ryan did and I didn’t have any troubles either. Took about 1/2 a second;o). Leverage is our friend!!!