karltinsly's ZenXY

I’ll go ahead and start a thread for my ZenXY. I have the parts printed and all the hardware and electronics on hand, and I’m picking up the donor table tomorrow. It’s a beautiful dining table that should result in an approximately 2 foot by 4 foot print area. I’ll know better once I get the table.

Really looking forward to trying Ryan’s design, as well as applying what I’ve been learning from my current sand table.

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You have got a huge following, going up by 1k views every few minutes!


A little crummy so many “know it alls” point out other types of sand tables.

Also, it seems like you missed an opportunity by not either doing drugs or drawing a penis… Reddit.


It’s the internet. It’s full of armchair engineers and experts.

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Sounds like a good shirt…

It is very interesting reading through that thread it’s almost like a hive mind, if it were a 12-15 year old boy.

I find the thread a little confusing, but that’s because so many posts are out of order. :wink:

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I sure was surprised when this all went down. I had a couple of new comments on the youtube video itself, which isn’t that unusual, but a few minutes later, I was clicking through Reddit, and there was my video! It was pretty cool seeing all the comments - even if several people thought it was an actual Sisyphus table. I pointed those interested here. By the end, over 34K folks had seen it!

I enjoyed hitting the refresh button and watching that number go up, pretty exciting. I noticed a huge reddit spike on the site, that is what got my attention. I didn’t follow the comments for long though, once the same questions gets repeated for the tenth time I’m out.

Getting mistaken for a Sisyphus table seems like a huge compliment! Thanks for sending some of it this way. Might have inspired me to use mine a little more often.

The Karl Bump, double the traffic for one day and 2 days fading. The dip is almost always Saturday, which these both are.

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