KH42JM2B140 motors

Hello! I am building an mpcnc (great work btw… Congrats!!!) and i have 5 of the above motors, stripped out from a ricoh photocopier! I have allready printed all the parts and assembled the build, and i now am about to get the electonic components. I would like you to guide me: what drives are suitable for them for ramps, how must i connect them (6 cables) and what must i change in the firmware… I know i am asking too much, but i am a noob in this, but i really love it! Thanks in advance!

This is the MP3DP (Mostly Printed 3D Printer) area, not the MPCNC area…

The third question has an answer about connecting a 6 lead motor. You should check with a multimeter (google around, there are many guides on determining wiring diagrams for unknown steppers) to make sure the wiring is what you expect. Good luck!

Hello again and thanks for the reply. The link proved very helpful. As i intend to use it as a 3dprinter, as a cnc and as a laser engraver, i can not understand what difference does it make, (for my specific questions) how it is called! i have downloaded the motors pdf, and i have determined the center taps to the two coils, without the use of the multimeter…! So, about my other 2 questions, is someone willing to try and help me determine, witch drv’s are suitable for my motors ( i think DRV8825 will be ok, but i would like some confirmation) and about the changes in the firmware! (the motors values, are:
•Supply Voltage: 12-36VDC
•Rated Current: 1.2A
•Steps per Revolution: 200
•Step Angle: 1.8°

thanks in advance!!!

Sorry, it’s an honest mistake, but the MPCNC with an extruder is not the same as the MP3DP. This is the MP3DP:

But the question would still be valid if you were trying to use them on an MP3DP, but questions about whether they are strong enough, or have enough resolution, etc. would be better asked in the other part of the forum.

As far as I can tell, the DRV8825 should be fine:

Those are very small the drivers will be plenty for them.

? Sorry…! You are right! It could not cross my mind the fact that there are 2 completely different builds with a name thats almost the same… Thank you very much for your replys! I will continue asking about the firmware etc, in the other part of the forum…!