hi guys, I am a super noob when it comes to all of this so I will try to explain my issue the best I can.


I was was originally running into an issue where my LCD would not display anything but after several hours in the forums figured it out. Not sure why this was the fix but I rotated one of the cables going to my LCD and POW it worked! I was super excited, now moving on and well… next issue. Apparently my CNC thinks it is a printer… ok slightly confused, but I am sure it is something simple… but still above my head.

ok so I have read enough of the forums to know I need to include some info… so here goes…

i am running the Rambo 1.4 board that’s the full size not the mini. I have an LCD both came from V1 but at different times. I ordered both with in the last 90days.

The version of marlin on the board is 1.1.0-1

if I am missing info please just ask! Any help is greatly appreciated.

I had the same LCD cable issue as you. I flipped both cables backwards, not just one… I haven’t tested the SD card slot yet, so I can’t say whether that’s right or wrong, but I haven’t KILLED mine yet.

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I will try flipping the second one too

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Omg hero! It’s alive! Now to fix the auto home!ideas for fixing z auto Home?

What is wrong with the z home?

Ok next issue, which side do you want it to 0,0,0 at? Center? Closest left? Far right?

The z home keeps clicking like it doesn’t stop. I keep getting an err: too far! When I try to offset it.

What are you using as a probe?

Autohome isn’t a typical command. Most do not home the Z at all.

Without endstops, you don’t need to home, actually you can’t. 0,0,0 is where ever you want to start the machine at. When you start your job, the gcode usually sets wherever the machine is currently at as the home/zero point


Your CNC thinks it a printer because the MPCNC uses a 3d printer controller to control the movement. 3D printers are a type of CNC.


I may be misunderstanding the command then. For CNC you do not use auto Home? Or you do? Because yea my Z does not life hat command. Thank you for all the help guys. And Ryan I do not have a probe. Do I need one for CNC?

Aaron, that makes a lot of sense. I need to get my endstops in place, but I haven’t gotten my little tiny screws yet for them in the mail. Thank you for the clarifications.

G28 X Y

That will just home X and Y. For Z usually there is a surfacing pass so initial settings are not a big deal, when they need to be more precise use a touch probe.

Please just start simple have fun. Carving your name in some wood does not need all these complications, most jobs don’t. Dual end stops is a whole new beast. 90% of my sale now are for the dual end stops and I would bet only 2% need them. I think it is best not to using homing of any kind until you find an accuracy error you can not fix any other way.

Never use auto home, ever. Use gcode commands if you need it. You need to pause and remove the probe, start the router, etc…Never use auto home.

That is what I am starting to see, I think a lot of this is inexperience on my part, but learning is amazing! There is so much amazing information and great participants in this forum. Thanks for all the help!